Self-Realization Magazine Winter 2012
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Self-Realization Magazine Winter 2012

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Christ Consciousness Vs. Human Consciousness
Paramahansa Yogananda
In this previously unpublished talk, Paramahansaji speaks powerfully of the changes in consciousness that will bring divine illumination in individuals and harmony and unity in the world.
Filling the Vessel of Your Life With God’s Love
Sri Mrinalini Mata
Addressing the 4,000 participants at the 2012 SRF Convocation, the SRF/YSS president urges everyone to be "spiritual engineers," engaged in building a divinely fulfilling life.
2012 SRF World Convocation
Finding Soul Guidance to Navigate the Maze of Life’s Experiences
Brother Sevananda
"Sooner or later, inevitably we will have to make certain changes in our life to bring our choices in line with soul guidance if we want our life to be different."
Mind-Body Medicine: The Science of Using Mind to Maximize Your Body’s Health
Indranill Basu Ray, M.D.
How modern medicine is recognizing ancient India’s understanding of the power of mind to influence the body’s health.
The Art of Devotional Chanting
Chanting with heart, mind, and soul can help one to go deeper in silent meditation.
Deepening Our Practice of Meditation Part II
Swami Smaranananda
The conclusion of an overview of keys to attaining greater depth in meditation, from a talk given at the 2010 SRF Convocation
Begin It!
Sraddha Mata
From one of Paramahansaji’s early close disciples, an inspiration for the start of a new year
How a Smile Spreads
James Ballard
Evidence why your smile will affect others at the level of their brain cells
Featured compact disc recording for this issue:
Finding Soul Guidance to Navigate the Maze of Life’s Experiences
Brother Sevananda
A talk given at the 2012 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation, Los Angeles

Audio Excerpt - (3:02 minutes)
Self-Realization Fellowship News
Directory of Temples, Centers, and Meditation Groups
A letter from Sri Daya Mata