Where There Is Light
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Where There Is Light

Insight and Inspiration for Meeting Life's Challenges

Paramahansa Yogananda






 A practical handbook that gives readers a reassuring sense of direction in times of uncertainty or crisis, as well as positive guidance in meeting the challenges of everyday life.
Topics include:
• Strength in times of adversity 
• Creating harmony in marriage and friendship

• Antidotes for stress, worry, and fear

• Understanding death; and cultivating inner peace

• Finding wisdom and strength to make life’s decisions

• Transforming our failures into successes

• Security in an uncertain world

• Perfecting human relationships
• The power of affirmation and prayer


This engaging anthology contains wisdom nuggets from Sri Yogananda’s teachings that inspire and illuminate. Here are some samples:

“Creative thinking is the best antidote for moods. Moods get their grip on your consciousness when you are in a negative or passive state of mind.”


"The mind may tell you that you cannot free yourself from a particular habit; but habits are nothing but repetitions of your own thoughts, and these you have the capacity to change.”
“Life is entertaining when we do not take it too seriously. A good laugh is an excellent remedy for human ills.”



“Often, the most useful spiritual works are not weighty, dogmatic tomes, but light, graceful books, thin volumes made up of thoughts and parables and inspirations. The best of these practice what they preach. Simplicity. That certainly applies to Where There Is Light.


— New Age Journal