Enter the Quiet Heart
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Enter the Quiet Heart

Creating a Loving Relationship With God

Sri Daya Mata






Blending the wisdom of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with her own direct experience garnered from more than seventy years of seeking and serving God, Sri Daya Mata shares the beautiful simplicity of communing heart-to-heart with the Divine Beloved. 



About the Book

“During my travels all over the world, so many people have asked me, ‘How can I find greater meaning in my life? Is there an answer to the emptiness, the unexpressed longing, I feel within my heart? Where is the love I am missing?’


"This, in essence, is what I tell them.”


       — Sri Daya Mata


Inspirational Nuggets


“What tremendous love, what soothing peace, what intoxicating joy are waiting for you in the calm depths of your being! That is where the Divine is to be found.”



“As you persevere, resolving never to give up, you begin to see that there is a sweetness growing within you that surpasses everything you have ever dreamed of — a communion with the Divine that nothing can touch....”