Be a Smile Millionaire
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Be a Smile Millionaire

An informal talk by Paramahansa Yogananda; Collector's Series No. 4

Paramahansa Yogananda






This rare recorded talk was taped during a Sunday service at the Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple on January 29, 1950. Paramahansa Yogananda speaks of the inner joy of the soul and how we can live in such a way that our outer lives reflect and radiate all the beautiful and noble qual­ities that give expression to that joy.


With many colorful stories drawn from his own life expe­riences, he helps us to see that everything we are seeking in people, conditions, and events — all the love, power, happiness, and fulfillment — is already ours; that we do not have to acquire anything outside ourselves, but only to remember what even now exists within our own souls.

Playing Time: 63:00 Minutes