Whispers from Eternity
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Whispers from Eternity

Paramahansa Yogananda






In the tradition of the great lyric mystics of all religions, Paramahansa Yogananda’s Whispers from Eternity opens a window on the devotional experience of ecstasy. Sharing soul-awakening prayers and affirmations born directly of his high personal state of God-communion, the celebrated author of Autobiography of a Yogi shows modern seekers how to achieve their own ecstatic perception of the Divine.




“Yogananda was a God-filled seer and saint, philosopher and poet who experienced a multitude of the innumerable aspects of Ultimate Reality.  Compact, vivid, and beautiful meditations convey to readers his rich experiences of joy.” — Raymond F. Piper, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York



“Words cannot describe the depth of soul realization attained by this Christlike master....Inspired gems — meditations of simplicity yet of great profundity.” — The Voice, England



“A mind attuned to supernal experiences in cosmic consciousness....Exquisitely lyrical prose.” — Divine Life magazine, Rishikesh, India