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Featured CD: Yama and Niyama: How-to-Live Skills for Inner Strength and Freedom by Brother Chidananda


The Holy Aum: Secret Path to the Glory of God in the Here and Now
Paramahansa Yogananda
“Devotees who can spiritually commune with Aum and understand its omnipresent significance are able to feel God the Father, beyond creation, manifested in creation as the creative Cosmic Vibration.”

Practical Lessons in Manifesting Divine Consciousness in Daily Life (Part III)
Sri Mrinalini Mata
In this concluding part of a satsanga given in Auckland, New Zealand, Sri Mrinalini Mata finishes her discussion of the spiritual training given by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Science Shows Six Ways Meditation Boosts Health
Staff Writers
Some of the latest scientific discoveries about the beneficial effects of meditation on body and mind

Deeping Our Practice of Meditation (Part I)
Swami Smaranananda
An inspiring overview of many valuable keys for meditators, from a talk given at the 2010 SRF Convocation.

Educating the Heart: Nurturing Happiness by Helping Others
Jesse Dylan
Recent research confirms that lasting happiness comes by living a life of generosity, simplicity, and compassion.

Visiting Sri Daya Mata’s Memorial at Forest Lawn

A Letter From Sri Daya Mata


Featured compact disc recording for this issue:
YAMA AND NIYAMA: How-to-Live Skills for Inner Strength and Freedom
Brother Chidananda
A talk given at the 2011 Self-Realization Fellowship World Convocation, Los Angeles


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